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GoldenDrakAngel has started a donation pool!
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I would like to buy either a Violin or an Intuos Pro Tablet. So please donate some points, at least a little. Everything is appreciated. ^^

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I don't have a paypal, but I do know how to transfer points into money... (I think.) And I'm planning on getting myself an Intuos Tablet.


Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Special Edition

That means I need a total of about...

Oh I don't know... $380!!

SO! That means commissions. Small ones. To earn a little bit of it so that my dad could pay for the rest.

8 slots will be OPEN!












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Don't insult the man bun... by GoldenDrakAngelDoodles by GoldenDrakAngel
Cutesy Chibis running like complete idiots... by GoldenDrakAngel

1 Character Sketch : $2 (200 :points:)
2 Character Sketch : $2.50 (250 :points:)
3 Character Sketch : $3 (300 :points:)

Additional Characters : $0.50 (50 :points:)


Art Trade w/ just-homestuck-trash by GoldenDrakAngelThis face... by GoldenDrakAngel

Little Detail : $3 (300 :points:)
Medium Detail : $4 (400 :points:)
High Detail : $5 (500 :points:)

Additional characters : $1 (100 :points:)

Colored Sketches:

My Only Outfits by GoldenDrakAngel
The little tsundere... by GoldenDrakAngelWhat if? - H:CD by GoldenDrakAngelBlack Widow - H:CD by GoldenDrakAngel

One Character : $3.50 (350 :points:)
Two Characters : $4 (400 :points:)
Three Characters : $4.50 (450 :points:)

Shading : $0.25 (25 :points:)
Additional Characters : $0.50 (50 :points:)

Small Quick Paintings:

Request from whisks by GoldenDrakAngelLeo by GoldenDrakAngelSeeing Stars by GoldenDrakAngel
Dragon Speedpaint by GoldenDrakAngel


One Character : $5 (500 :points:)
Two Characters : $6 (500 :points:)
Three Characters : $7 (700 :points:)

Additional Characters : $1 (100 :points:)

Alphabet T Alphabet H Alphabet A Alphabet N Alphabet K    Alphabet Y Alphabet O Alphabet U 


Describe or send a reference with price and request through Notes please!

Note la
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NOT a vampire...
Someone mistake him for a vampire and this popped into my head... XDDD

Oh! This is him in the 1800's I think??? I don't know, he's probably in the early 1800's here.. I just really wanted goofy sleeve, scarf, and hair on him so... XDDD
Leo by GoldenDrakAngel
Man, it's been a while since I drew my baby, so I drew him again. ;w;

I also added a few scars and a missing earlobe. :'D

Also, you guys remember this XD
yeah, big difference in style right?? Well that's from a year ago. :'D
Art Trade w/ just-homestuck-trash by GoldenDrakAngel
Art Trade w/ just-homestuck-trash
Her character Ace for a small art trade. Hope you like it and color it to your hearts content. ^^

Ace © Just-Homestuck-Trash

Art/Lines © Me
The Tale of a Child and a Fraud by GoldenDrakAngel
The Tale of a Child and a Fraud
Even though he is 18, Gruffud likes to take on responsibilities way beyond him. While trading, he cheats traders into giving him the best of the best for the worst quality of things he could present. By this time he has already ran away from home to follow his witch friend and learn to do magic. Sadly, with his nature, he has gotten interested into Dark Magic. After several years at this age of 18 he sacrifices his friend and lover for power by lying to her that he would bring her back. The only thing that had gone wrong was that instead of lingering in the earth a little longer, her spirit went on to heaven. Griffud knew this would happen and has let this happen on purpose for his lover to not see what he was going to do with his life.

After several decades of killing travelers in a forest for food and sport, because with his transformation he was 'deformed' to look more like the demon he had chosen to fuse with, Gruffud was tired of not having a challenge anymore. One day, a handsome traveler passed by. The traveler was tall and well built  and couldn't have been older than 25 years of age. With a thought that passed his mind, Gruffud grinned with a sewn up smile. Capturing the traveler he used his magic to possess the man. Being a beginner at this kind of magic the stress and pain on the travelers body aged it, turning the hair silver. With illusion magic also a very small skill that Gruffud possessed, the eyes revealed his true self by becoming blood red.

After a century, and several name changes later, Griffith had now become a rich nobleman, using lies and murder to reach his position. His whole life was now based on lies, so much so that the lines of what was real and what was lies had blurred for him, remembering only one key moment of when he betrayed his lover.

An unknown amount of years passed and somewhere in th, Griffith becomes the Judge of Fraudulence, and has been the lie had been living ever since his transformation. One day, Lucifer announced having a tournament of mortals in the circles, and Griffith caught on quickly as to what Lucifer had planned after having so much time to do so many things such as read. Over the time of the tournament, it made him think as he watched some of the competitors make connections only to break them in the end. This intrigued him so, that he spent hours of debating it in his head. By the time it was his turn to host a round of the turn, he had made his decision that he has had enough. He was planning on going out with a bang, so after his encounter during his round which left him wounded enough to make him feel some pain, he fled to lucifer to tell him what had happened. Knowing any lie he would say to the Fallen Angel would be seen past he said truthfully that he needed to leave. He said he was done making lies and would like to step down from his position. So far he has not received an answer, and so is now waiting and healing with his wife who he tell someone no one about.

I just felt like writing his story short before I make his comic so her you guys go. Spoilers of what will happen toy beloved Original Character. ^^

Griffith and Story (c) Me

Serith (His wife) and Cynthia (his lover) (c) Korporal-Panda 

Lu if we an The Nine Circles OCT (c) lynzinitus


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a 15 year old highschool sophomore who dreams of becoming a Concept Artist in the Video Game industry sometime.

Don't expect good art from me though... I only sketch.

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